Catalyst Team Building Network

Catalyst Belgium is a proud member of the Catalyst Team Building Network that has over 50 representatives located in more than 90 countries. We share best practise and collaborate to deliver high-quality team building programs anywhere in the world.

Africa and Middle East Zone

Catalyst Africa & Middle East

Working together to deliver Catalyst team building products to clients across Africa and the Middle East. Partners include:

Biz Group - Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Egypt
Catalyst Pakistan - Pakistan
Dream Team Catalyst - Southern Africa
Global Air - Kazakhstan
Mare Motivasyon - Turkey
Stawi Advisory - Kenya
Synergyk - Tunisia
Team Building New Generation - Morocco
Zannoza Entertainment - Nigeria

catalyst asia zone

Catalyst Asia Pacific Zone

Partners in the Catalyst Asia Pacific Zone are united in purpose to bring change to individuals and organisations across the region with Catalyst training and team development programs. Partners include:

Asia Ability - Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia
BeChallenged - Australia
Catalyst Vietnam - Vietnam
D’frens - India
KITA - Indonesia
Team Building Asia - Hong Kong, China, Macau
Team Up Events - New Zealand
Work Happiness Japan - Japan

catalyst asia zone

Catalyst Americas Zone

Partners in the Catalyst Americas Zone collaborate and share best practices to ensure Catalyst team-building products bring change to organisations across the Americas. Partners include:

Antawaya - Chile, Peru
BrainStorm - Dominican Republic
Catalyst Mexico - Mexico
Conquistar - Brazil
D&I Business Support Services - Dutch Caribbean
Eventology - Canada
ITRALL - Guatemala
Kadoma Catalyst - Colombia
Play with a Purpose - USA
Premio Team Building - Costa Rica, Panama
TeamBonding - USA

catalyst Euro zone

Catalyst Euro Zone

Europe's top team building and event management companies collaborating together to provide consistently outstanding results for organisations across Europe. Partners include:

Agency UPAS - Lithuania
Aha and Co - Denmark
Amber SIA - Latvia
Catalyst Bulgaria - Bulgaria
Catalyst Portugal - Portugal
Catalyst Spain - Spain
Catalyst Switzerland - Switzerland
Catalyst Unreal Events - Italy
EnterTraining OÜ - Estonia
Event Masters - Belgium
Catalyst Poland - Poland
Extraordinary - Slovakia
Grata DMC - Georgia
InterFRONTIERS - Cyprus
Konsis - Azerbaijan
Maxin Prague - Czech Republic
Orangeworks - UK & Republic of Ireland
Outdoor Living Malta - Malta
Seikkailu Oy - Finland, Sweden
Spielgestalter - Germany
Team Challenge Company - Scotland, England, Wales
Teambuilding Academija - Austria, Slovenia
Universum - Romania
Visible - Greece
Windshift - Netherlands